Our girls


Hilltop's Princess Annie Rose

Born: 3/10/2017


Annie Rose is the best girl ever.  She is Bella's litter mate. When I went to MI to get her, they handed her to me and I have never seen such a beautiful Pomeranian in my life.  All her orange had blue sable over it.  She was so beautiful, I literally could not get her into my car fast enough.  She hasn't had a successful breeding so far, but I'm hoping this next breeding will be the one to give us some really nice pups.


Southern Lady's Piccola Bella Donna

Born: 3/10/2017

Registration: AKC

Hilltop Kennel just acquired Bella in June.  She is a full sister to Annie Rose, but they couldn't be more different. Even though it took Bella a good while to adjust to our home, she has acclimated quite well.  She is a woman's dog and prefers me over my hubby. She will literally leap into my arms to get held. Her sister does this also, so it must be in her genes. 

She has a sweet nature. Her first litter for us was four beautiful boys all charting under five lbs.  Hilltop's Princess Meriyah (pictured below) is her daughter.


Hilltop's Princess Ma-Del-Lynn

Born: January 8, 2019

Registration: AKC

Maddie is the daughter of Belle and Samson. She is an amazing little girl. I'm happy to say she has reached the 5 Lb. mark and will be bred during her next heat.  

Little Maddie is a bundle of energy and has personality plus. When she is ready to breed, she will have wonderful pups. Her conformation is excellent as she follows AKC's standards for the breed to a t.


Hilltop's Princess Francesca

Born: 11/13/17

Registration: AKC

Francesca is a tiny little sweetheart.  She barely makes 5 lbs,  She has had one litter for us so far. They were beautiful, with a lot of white.  Her next litter will be with Oliver. She is due in March. I can't wait to see what she produces with him  


Mountain Valley's Tinkerbell  (Belle)

Born: 2/14/17

Registration: AKC

 Belle joined Hilltop Kennel in November 2018.  She was super shy and preferred not to be touched by anyone. She now is a sweetie full of love to give her new family.. She had her first litter for us in January 2019. We kept one of her daughters and Belle is a wonderful Mom, still very attached to her daughter. She has been a wonderful asset to us.


Hilltop's Princess Mia Destinia (Destiny)

Born: 9/11/18


Registration: AKC

Destiny joined Hilltop Kennel in November of 2018. She was born on my birthday so I considered her destined to become one of ours. She is almost one year old and after a few more months she will produce her first litter for us.  I can't wait to see what her babies will look like. I'm sure they will be outstanding.  She is the sweetest little girl and hopefully all her babies will be like her.


Hilltop's Princess Daisy Carolina

Born July 7, 2017

Daisy was purchased in North Carolina, (hence her name) and is our latest addition to Hilltop's Kennel's Finest "ladies".  We are so proud to own this little girl, our first merle. She is as sweet as she is beautiful. We are anxiously waiting for her to grow and be ready to produce her first litter.  Keep your eyes on this little gal, as she promises the sky!


Hilltop Kennel's Princess Kalua and Cream

Born June 5, 2020

Kalua is a chocolate merle and has the sweetest personality.  She has not been a mom yet but we're looking forward to seeing what she can produce.


Hilltop Kennel's Princess Malacious Molly

Born July 25, 2021

Molly is such a sweet girl, a really pretty chocolate tri.  We love her to death.  She has more energy than any pup I have ever bred. She is loving and wants on your lap but can't sit still long enough to enjoy the one on one time.  She is going thru the pom uglies but is beautiful just the same. She is out of Francesca and Max. 


Hilltop Kennel's Princess I'm a Ravin' Beauty

Born October 20th, 2021

Ravin is such a wonderful pup. She is a pretty black and tan. She is growing into a really nice girl. She is young, and we are watching her grow.  She is super smart, loves toys and being on my lap. It'll be a year, but it will be exciting to breed her with one of my young studs.