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WaWa Family Once in a Blue Moon  (Ralphie)

Ralphie is now our boy. His litters were so outstanding we decided to purchase him.  He is a very sweet boy and I'm excited to use him with my champion sired girls. 

Hilltop TN's Tiniest Titan

Titan is our newest addtition to Hilltop Kennel's Chihuahua line.  He is from WaWa family chihuahua lines and we are so proud to own him.  He has the best personality. We just love him so much.  Can't wait till he is old enough to breed.  He's gonna make some amazing pups.

Hilltop's Prince Mini Kouper

Born March 6, 22, just turned one year old. I'm waiting for someone to come into heat so I can use him for the first time. He is the most lovable chihuahua ever. Always up for some cuddling or a belly rub. Is always on my lap given the chance. I have a chocolate merle that is earmarked for him. Won't that be grand?


Hilltop's Princess Hot Cross Muffintop

Born November 7th, 22, she has become my little buddy. Sleeps right curled up next to me and doesn't leave my side all night. She is playful and so much fun. She is a delight. Although it will be a real long time, I can not wait to see what she will bring to my chihuahua program.


Hilltop's Princess Cuddle Bug

Born 11/23/19

Cuddles is our newest little chi girl that wev'e added to our chi line-up.. Her pedigree is loaded with champions. She is Grand Champion sired and her mom is Grand Champion sired.  She has a total of 28 champions in her 4 generation pedigree. We are so proud to be her new owners.


Hilltop's Princess Little Miss Gidget

Born March 1, 2019

Gidget is my hugger. You pick her up and she hugs you. She is one of the sweetest chihuahuas I have ever owned. If you're lucky enough to get one of her puppies one day, you will be so very happy.


Hilltop's Princess
Sparklin' N Ice

Sparkles was born to Patti thru a c section but Patti didn't want to take care of her, so Rosie took her under her thumb and raised her as her own. So her and Darcy Lin were raised in one litter. They are super close. Look for Sparkles first litter in 2022.

Hilltop's Princess Buckeye Bailey

Bailey came from a breeder in Ohio so that's how she came to her name. She is the sweetest chihuahua girl ever, and bonded with me immediately. I know she is going to make the most beautiful babies when she is older. It'll be a while, she is only 6 months old.


Hilltop's Princess
Diamante Brillante
(Bright Diamond, aka Dee Dee)

When I found this girl I was so excited.  I quickly got into my car and drove to Iowa, (where it was freaking COLD) to pick her up. She is a sweetie, with a personality to match.  Can't wait (I know, it'll be a long while) to see what she produces with Titan. I am beyond excited. I've been searching for a merle chi like forever, and am so happy to add her to the clan.

NOTE: Deedee is expecting her first litter. To say I'm excited is an understatement for sure. She is due in April.

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