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Hello and welcome to Hilltop Kennel.  We are Tom and Sandi Lich. We married in 1984 and recently celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary. Sandi was a Spanish teacher for 22 years and Tom was a farmer for most of his life.  Now we are both retired and spend all our energy on our breeding program and our beautiful dogs. Before we married, I was into breeding and showing Lhasa Apsos. After we married we dabbled in breeding Samoyeds, Cocker Spaniels and Dalmations.  In 1992 we bought our first Pomeranian and the love of the breed was founded.  We started breeding Poms and Chihuahuas in 2012 and our breeding program has flourished ever since.  While we do breed, our dogs are our buddies, our pets first, and they are our breeders second.  We raise all our dogs in our home and they are loved from the day they are brought into our home.

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